Cycling - The Basics

The use of bicycles as a mode of transport has countless benefits to the environment, our health, economically, and also socially. You are guaranteed to travel quicker on a bicycle in a city with intense traffic, and you never have to worry about parking space. You save money when you use a bicycle as your mode of transport as you do not require fuel. Parking for bicycles is free, and your mobility won't be restricted. As a bike commuter, you easily maneuver through traffic and save time. Cycling also helps you burn calories and keeps you physically fit. A cyclist can easily socialize with each other and with pedestrians, making it a socialization-friendly mode of transport. Many companies offer fabrication and welding services for bicycles. Some of the materials used in the fabrication of bicycles include aluminum and steel.

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Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is good for your health. Physicians recommend at least third minutes of moderate to intense workout each day to keep fit and stay healthy. If you have a busy schedule and hardly have time to work out, you can take up cycling to fill in for your workout sessions. Commuting to school or work is a good way to get this done.

This is a pollution free mode of transport as there is no emission of greenhouse gases involved. Because you do not need fuel to use bicycles, there are no by-products emitted into the environment. By using a bicycle as your mode of transport, you reduce global warming and general pollution of the environment.

Bicycles are easy to maintain, and this makes them cost-effective. They are cheap to purchase, and the servicing fees do not cost much. You can avoid buying a second car by choosing to use a bicycle as your mode of transport. They are convenient for short trips and with them, you get good traffic flow.

Bicycles are affordable for people from all walks of life. Cycling is an economic and independent mode of transport. You can increase your mobility with a bicycle if your traveling options are restricted.

Cycling provides safe road environments especially in areas around schools going children. Bicycles hardly damage roads, and they help reduce congestion in traffic. Offering door to door services with a bicycle is easy as you can easily maneuver and you won't need much space to park.

Fabrication of Bicycles

Many companies offer fabrication and welding services for bicycles. Building a bicycle is quite easy and does not take up much time. Bike frames are mostly made of steel, aluminum, and carbon. Pieces are joint together by brazing or welding. The method used is dependent on the materials used and the objective of the builder.

Brazing- in this case, a filler material, which can either be brass or silver is melted and distributed over connector tubes. As the filler metal cools and solidifies, the connector tubes come together as one.

Welding- here, both the connector tubes and the filler metal are melted, and once they cool, they come together as one.


With advancements in technology, the bicycle industry is seeing the designing of new bicycle models with high-tech technology. With more advanced infrastructure, more people should be able to embrace cycling as a mode of transport.